Deck Project Spring

(Photo credit:  Cheri Sayer
MV LOTUS Steward.)

The MV LOTUS Foundation kicked off their Deck Replacement Project last fall and completed the enclosure for the upper deck in early February – the Cover-up, Phase 1.  It has protected us through some windy and rainy days since then and will continue to provide cover over the next few months. 

We moved quickly through Phase 2 during April and into May. The replacement fir decking was ordered on April 7 from Pacific Northwest Timber (of Port Townsend, WA), provided old growth/reclaimed wood. It arrived at the wood yard on April 24 but it took awhile to get it trimmed to our specifications. Trimming was completed on Friday and Saturday, May 7-8. It was then given two coats of paint (one coat of primer/one coat of semi-gloss) by Ben and Christian over the weekend of May 8-9.  Edensaw Woods (of Port Townsend, WA), delivered the lumber to Lake Union Park on Wednesday, May 12th.  They graciously donated the delivery too!  The Center for Wooden Boats moved it from the MOHAI parking lot over to Lotus-thanks for your help CWB!. Ben and Jonathan moved it onto the boat through the cargo window on the upper deck. What an operation! It all went so smoothly after the trimming was done.

We are fortunate to receive partial funding for the project through a 2019 Heritage Project Grant from the State of Washington and administered by the Washington State Historical Society.  We just paid $5,000 for the fir decking wood and our share of the total project will be close to $30,000 so it’s important that we raise funds as we go along!

We hope you can help! We would be very grateful for your donation to our project and would be happy to invite you to a boat/project tour this summer! Just make a donation, then give us a call to set up your tour, at:
(425) 243-9641


Thank you, on behalf of the all-volunteer crew of the MV LOTUS Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. 
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Updated:  Apr 25, 2021