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Event Request Questionnaire-2023
Who is the Event Organizer?
Who is the Event Organizer?
Is this a Private, Business, or Government Hosted Event?
What type of Event will this be?
What areas of the vessel are you requesting to use?
Will there be food involved? (Lotus cannot provide refrigeration.)
Will there be alcohol served?
Do you need assistance with Set-Up and Clean-Up?
Will there be decorations?

The Event Questionaire below will help plan.

  • The photos below of our interior and outside space will give you an idea of what we offer.
  • If you like – make an appointment to meet with the Steward.  425.243.9641

icon  The Fine Print

Deposits and Payments 

Overnight Programs – Payment in full at time of reservation.

Events – A 50% deposit is required at time of booking. No booking will be held until deposit is made. Deposits are non refundable. Event deposits and balances are due and paid-in-full three months prior to the booking date, except bookings during special events or blackout dates (see below) which are required to be paid-in-full six months prior.

Guest List Your guest list is appreciated the day before your event begins. Only guests on that list are allowed aboard. Any additional guests or must receive approval by the Head Steward.  $ 25 per additional guests over max

Blackout Dates  Lotus may be unavailable or booking subject to increased rates during the following periods: Thanksgiving Week through New Year’s, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and special event and festival dates. Please call us to inquire for details!

No Cruises  Lotus is not available for cruise charters.  All events will occur dockside.

Guest of Guests We are often asked if one or two friends can join our registered guests on the deck to share the experience,the view, a drink or a picnic and we are happy to oblige. But, we do request a courtesy donation – suggested  $25 per person for those additional guests. More than 4 additional guests constitute a Celebration event – please see  below.

The Most Important Subject – Toilets – We have two different style  marine toilets – the buttons  and directions are on the wall. Please Read – one needs you to add water to flush – the other just fills and flushes on it’s own. Note – these toilets can easily flush normal amounts of tp. but if you throw in a wad or toss in anything else apple slices, packaging,matches…they will clog . So – just bodily waste and tp. Thanks

Event Details and Pricing

In addition to the 50% deposit listed above, all events require a $400 a day refundable security and damage deposit. This deposit will be fully refunded within 30 days after the event, less any amounts deducted for cleaning, repair, or overtime use.

  • The renting party is responsible for all set-up and clean-up, including removal of trash and recycling from the site (most caterers can provide this service).
  • All set-up and clean-up activities must occur within the time booked for the event, or overtime charges will be applied at the listed rates.
  • The renting party is responsible for bringing all necessary items for the event including linens, dishes, flatware, glassware, food, beverages, etc. Some trays and table covers may be available. We prefer that you not bring plastic flatware.
  • Beer, wine and champagne only are allowed on board. If your party plans to serve alcohol, a Banquet Permit from the Washington State Liquor Control Board must be posted on site. THE RENTING PARTY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING AND COMPLYING WITH THE BANQUET PERMIT.
  • Lotus welcomes moderately amplified sound systems indoors. Outdoor sound systems may be permitted on a case-by-case basis only
  • Lotus does not provided dedicated parking for event attendees. A limited number of city spaces are available in the park on a first-come, first-served basis, including 4 ADA spaces

The Rules – Everyone aboard needs to be aware – Please be sure your guests are aware of our social requirements.

  • Conscientious behavior and responsible consumption of alcohol is appreciated.
  • NO DRUGS OR PARAPHERNALIA OF ANY KIND ON BOARD – THIS INCLUDES MARIJUANA!   The State of Washington has legalized marijuana but Lotus is governed by Federal regulations for navigable waters and you are subject to Coast Guard enforcement of Federal drug laws while on board.
  • Do not arrive stoned and If you leave the ship to take drugs – stay ashore.
  • Please advise your guests –  spike heels are not allowed on board. – they damage the decks and are dangerous on our stairs.
  • The head steward will escort anyone off the ship that is deemed irresponsible, rude or riotous.

    All  Reservations     425.243.9641